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Meet our new Smart Hydro Pure Line!

Introducing DERMABELL's newest skincare series: The Smart Hydro Pure Line! Made to strengthen and protect the skin barrier while soothing sensitive skin, the Smart Hydro Pure Line isn't just an experience, but provides the skin with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and reduce hypersensitivity! What kind of water goes into your skincare products? The Smart Hydro Pure Line is made with oceanic water found deep below the surface level, (that's -605m deep!), where it is pollution-free and naturally found to be rich in essential minerals. The water is transported using Korea's only pollution-free pipe system to obtain the water in its purest form, where it can then go through diferent technologies to refine it further! What is EDH and...

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HOW TO: Get The Most Out Of Your Face Masks!

Follow these steps for the perfect routine that will be sure to nourish and infuse your skin with all the nutrients your favourite face masks have to offer!  Step 1: Double-cleanse to allow your skin to absorb the optimum amount of nutrients First, massage a cleansing milk onto the skin to break down makeup, sunscreen and other product residue. Next, rinse face with water and use a gentle facial cleanser to thoroughly remove sebum, and other impurities from the skin. Rinse and gently pat your face dry with a face towel. Never rub your face abrasively with a towel! It can damage your skin barrier and cause redness and sensitivity. Tip: For rough skin, gently exfoliate after cleansing. This softens and smoothens the...

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DERMABELL just arrived at the LOTTE Duty-Free Store @ Star Avenue

To cater to the overwhelming response for DERMABELL’s consumer range and the needs of local and overseas skincare enthusiasts, we are happy to announce that DERMABELL products are now available at the LOTTE Duty-Free Store. The DERMABELL counter is located at 1F, Star Avenue, Main Branch of the LOTTEDepartmental Store, 30, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul. Do visit the main LOTTE Duty-Free store to find out more about DERMABELL and the products we carry! We hope to reach out to more local and overseas skincare enthusiasts through LOTTE's Duty-Free store. We appreciate and look forward to your continued support, and will strive to provide excellent service and products. Sincerely,The DERMABELL Team

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