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Dermabell receives 1st place Korea Consumer Satisfaction Awards for 3 consecutive years !

Dermabell receives 1st place Korea Consumer Satisfaction Awards (KCSA) in the Professional Skincare category for 3 consecutive years. (2018, 2019, 2020) ​This prestigious annual award acknowledges top performers in various categories based on their consumer satisfaction index. This is our third year being chosen for this award, and we are sincerely grateful for this opportunity. A big thank you for choosing Dermabell, we will work harder to bring the safest & best skincare to you.    No steroids, no harmful ingredients, just medically-engineered skincare that works for the health of your skin.    Click here to view the skincare products.

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Do you really cleanse your face properly?

It would seem like washing face is the simplest step of our skincare routine. Some people might just splash some water, apply a little cleanser on the face, and then rinse it off. However, adopting the appropriate cleansing way according to your skin type makes a huge difference between having healthy & supple skin and an acne breakout. This is because the elimination of oil, dirt, and undesirable debris allows your skin to unclog and enhance skincare product effectiveness with better penetration.   1. Washing hands before starting the whole skincare routine. Before starting the whole washing process, it is vital to wash your hands thoroughly. Every day, we unconsciously touched numerous objects with our hands and the bacteria on...

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