DERMABELL represents Korean cosmeceutical science at its peak.

Our goal - Formulating clean, safe & effective medically-engineered skincare even for hypersensitive skin and post-treatment care.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of the beauty world, South Korea, we work with dermatologists to combine specially handpicked, pure plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology. With passion and science, we can formulate products containing the optimal amount of active ingredients to gently yet effectively nurture and improve skin from beneath its surface.

Our Story

With a clear vision, we introduced our brand to beauty & aesthetic centres in Korea in 2015. By 2018, we became one of the few cosmeceutical brands trusted by over 100 aesthetic clinics in South Korea, achieving 1st place in the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Awards and becoming a hidden gem in aesthetic clinics, skin management centres and spas all throughout Asia.
Now, we have decided to share our meticulously-formulated & humble products with you. With Dermabell Basic, the best of your skin is in your hands.

We are

Our Product Lines

Inspired by our original PRO line, the newly created DERMABELL BASIC line puts the best of your skin into your own hands.
The line is formulated with the same technology and natural ingredients in our PRO line, to allow you to maintain the health of your skin from the comfort of your own home.


Made for clinics, skin management centres and spas, DERMABELL PRO products suit the needs of both experienced and budding beauticians, therapists and other professionals who aim to effectively and safely improve their client's skin from inside out.

They are the original products that impressed Beauty-Business Owners worldwide, and paved the way for our homecare line, Dermabell Basic. 

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We dedicate ourselves to developing safe and effective medical beauty products with the use of tedious quality testing and skin analysis research. At the DERMABELL Research Institute, we facilitate the development of new technologies and formulations to create groundbreaking cosmeceutical products that give better results. 

The DERMABELL Research Institute strives to improve the beauty industry by promoting collaborations with universities and encouraging brands to focus on researching and developing safe, natural yet effective products.



Korean consumer satisfaction awards 2018, 2019, 2020 - 1st Place 

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