HOW TO: Get The Most Out Of Your Face Masks!

Follow these steps for the perfect routine that will be sure to nourish and infuse your skin with all the nutrients your favourite face masks have to offer! 

Step 1: Double-cleanse to allow your skin to absorb the optimum amount of nutrients

  • First, massage a cleansing milk onto the skin to break down makeup, sunscreen and other product residue.
  • Next, rinse face with water and use a gentle facial cleanser to thoroughly remove sebum, and other impurities from the skin.
  • Rinse and gently pat your face dry with a face towel. Never rub your face abrasively with a towel! It can damage your skin barrier and cause redness and sensitivity.
  • Tip: For rough skin, gently exfoliate after cleansing. This softens and smoothens the skin, and removes the top layer of excess keratin that can block product absorption.

Step 2: Balance your skin's pH by using a toner, but make sure it suits your skin type!

    • Oily & Acne-prone skin: Use a cotton pad to gently swipe a generous amount of toner onto the face. This will further clarify the skin and remove excess sebum or dead skin that will block product absorption.
    • Dry & Sensitive skin: Pat a generous amount of soothing or hydrating toner into the skin, and fan until well-absorbed. Excess swiping can irritate the skin and cause redness. Instead, use a patting motion to allow the skin to better absorb moisture from the toner.

    Step 3: Mask on!

      • Your skin is now perfectly prepped for a nourishing face mask. Be sure to use your mask as directed on the instructions for easy and accurate usage.
      • Use a timer to measure the exact time needed, so that your mask can work its magic.
      • Relax while the essence from the mask richly nourishes your skin.
      • Tip #1: A cooling mask soothes any reddish and inflamed skin! Our Premium Modelling Gel Masks have the ability to cool the skin even if stored at room temperature. For other masks, store them in the refrigerator beforehand for a refreshing experience!
      • Tip #2: With sheet masks, the forehead area will often start to feel dry, while the chin area might be dripping with product. To avoid this, lie down to allow the mask's essence to distribute evenly on your entire face. 

        Step 4: Time's up, but there's a right way to remove the mask too!

        • Oily & Acne-prone skin: Remove the mask and rinse face with water. Doing this will prevent breakouts caused by product residue. Pat dry to get it ready for Step 5!
        • Dry & Sensitive skin: Pat the excess essence into the skin and wait for your skin to fully absorb it. Your skin needs to drink up!

        Step 5: You're almost done! Finish off with your regular skincare routine

          • Your skin is now glowing, nourished and soothed, but be sure to lock in your hard work by completing your regular skincare steps.
          • Good job! Enjoy brighter and healthy skin!