Pure Cream (New packing)
Smart Hydro Pure Cream Moisturiser by Dermabell Basic
Smart Hydro Pure Cream Moisturiser by Dermabell Basic. Kbeauty. Skincare.

Dermabell Basic

Pure Cream (New packing)

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A light yet nourishing cream containing the highly-moisturising ingredient Fuligo™. The cream locks in moisture into the skin while protecting and enhancing the skin barrier without a greasy or sticky feeling.

What it does:
- Easily sinks in and moisturises the skin
- Relieves irritated and sensitive skin
- Protects the skin barrier against pollutants
Recommended for:
✔ All skin types; especially sensitive skin
✔ Damaged/ Thin Skin Barrier
✔ Hot/ Humid Environments

Product Size: 150g


More than 4,000 years ago, deep oceanic water in Greenland travelled through the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, reaching the northernmost tip of the East China Sea 2,000 years later.

Using the only pollution-free pipe system in Korea over 6,000 meters long), we are able to safely obtain the oceanic water in its purest form. The water is then molecularly developed for the easiest absorption into human skin.


EDH technology - Electrolyses the deep oceanic water to obtain water in the micro-particle state with high ion activity, allowing for easy penetration into the skin.

MBT technology (Mineral balance technology) - Creates a mineral balance ratio  similar to amniotic fluid, allowing the skin to effectively and easily absorb nutrients.

Key Ingredients

*All ingredients of the Smart Hydro Pure Line are classified as EWG-Green
  • Fuligo™: An extract of Jeju Island's Sargassam Fusiforme seaweed, molecularly developed for better skin-absorption
    • Powerfully improves the skin's moisture-retaining capabilities and relieves dryness
    • Strengthens the skin barrier to prevent itchyness and irritations
    • Improves the skin's collagen production and elasticity
  • Pure ionised oceanic water
    • Derived from -605m beneath surface level of the East China Sea
    • Free of pollutants & naturally rich in minerals
  • Anti-irritating (3:1:1) Mineral Balance Ratio similar to anmiotic fluid:
    • Magnesium (Mg)
      • Synthesises proteins required for body cell division and growth
      • Helps activate more than 300 enzymes in the body
      • Boosts blood circulation and helps the skin recover from fatigue
    • Calcium (Ca)
      • Required for normal cell function
      • Activates cellular enzymes and releases neurotransmitters
      • Promotes cell division through contraction and relaxation of cells
    • Potassium (K)
      • Maintains the potential of the cell membrane and determines the ionic strength of intracellular fluid
      • Maintains the acidity of body fluids and prevents acidification by discharging waste
      • Helps the entry and exit of substances in cells
  • 5 major components of skin tissue
    • Ceramide-3
      • Locks in moisture
      • Improves the skin's moisture retention capabilities
    • Peptide
      • Improves wrinkles
      • Increases skin elasticity
    • Amino acid complex 17
      • Protects the the outermost layer of the epidermis
      • Prevents pigmentation, removes keratin, moisturises, promotes cell regeneration and proliferation, maintains skin elasticity
    • Hydrolysed collagen (water/butanediol)
      • A combination of cells and a cementing agent to form a film, which helps to moisturise and keep the skin smooth and supple.
    • Sodium Hyaluronate
      • Draws water from the air into the skin
      • Locks in moisture for long-lasting hydrated skin