Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack
Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack


Premium CICA-Forest Modeling Pack

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DERMABELL's original Luxury Aesthe Royal Modeling Gel Masks are developed for professional-use at Korea's spas & skin management centres. They smoothly mold to the natural texture and contours of your face to thoroughly infuse every millimetre of skin with potent natural ingredients.

What it does:
- anti-oxidant
- Strengthen skin barrier
- Improve skin immunity
Recommended for:
✔ Dehydrated/ Dry Skin
✔ Damaged sensitive skin / Thin Skin Barrier

✔ Dull/ Aged Skin/Normal skin

What you'll receive:

Step 1 Gel (1000ml), Step 2 Essence (100ml) + Mixing Kit (Bowl, measuring cups & spatula)

Key Ingredients

In the gel mask form, a higher concentration of potent active ingredients can be better penetrated into the skin as compared to in sheet masks.
Each of our Royal Modeling Gel Masks are formulated with a blend of natural skin-restoring ingredients to achieve the maximum improvement in your skin. 

  • 4 Types of Centella:
    • Improve moisture retention and barrier properties
    • A 23.87% Centella Asiatica leaf extract consists of the entire herb of Centella asiatica as well as its core compounds madecassoside and asiaticoside. Ensures that the soothing properties of Centella Asiatica are maximized.


    • palmitoyl tripeptide-1
      • It promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, and maintains a soft and smooth appearance.



      • ANTOXYL_S II | Patent: No. 10-1803265

        Patented ingredient that ferments anthocyanin-rich two-color sorghum leaf/stem extracts using Aspergillus oryzae, which is used in traditional fermented wines to protect the skin from oxidation and environmental pollutants.

      • SUSU 10 FERM | Patent: No. 10-1803263

        Using Raoultella ornitholytica, a patented ingredient that ferments two-color sorghum rich in dietary fiber and phenolic compounds, helps reduce inflammation and anti-oxidation.

      • SLC Cica Complex 5

        This formulation contains five natural extracts, including Artemisia annua Leaf, Artemisia capriculum, Houttuynia cordata, Spirulina spirulina, and Chlorella, which provide excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

      • Japanese cypress water

        Cypress tree extract contains phytoncine, which has excellent antibacterial and bactericidal properties, which soothe problematic skin and improve immunity.


    How to use


    Rubber modeling masks have been used as a technique in Korean Skin Management Centres & Spas for their quick and visible results. Traditionally, powder is mixed with water to coat the skin's surface in a thick layer, which is then peeled off when dry to the touch. Dermabell's Modeling Gel Masks have taken this concept a step further by using a gel + powder formula to enhance the experience of a typical rubber modelling mask.

    The unique texture of our Luxury Aesthetic Modeling Gel Masks stay moist even when fully set, and seep into the natural crevices of the skin even more intricately than rubber modelling masks, ensuring that its rich nourishment is constantly distributed to every millimetre of skin.

    Our Modeling Gel Masks have been designed to set in just the right amount of time; not too fast for a smooth and easy application, and not too slow to minimise dripping and slipping, allowing you to multi-task while pampering your skin.