Mugwort Gypsum Mask Powder Modeling Mask by DERMABELL PRO
Mugwort Gypsum Mask Powder Modeling Mask by DERMABELL PRO


Mugwort Gypsum Mask

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A fine powder that mixes with water to form a hardened modeling mask that warms the skin in order to lock in nutrients from other products. It is infused with naturally skin-beneficial herbs. 

What it does:
- Allows the skin to fully absorb the nutrients of other products
- Adds radiance to the skin
- Has acne, acne removal, oil removal and whitening effects.
Recommended for:
✔ All Skin Types

Product Size: 900g

Key Ingredients

  • Mugwort
    • Rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A, B & C
    • Improves cell metabolism, energising and brightening the skin
  • Ascobic Acid (Vitamin C)
    • Inhibits the formation of melanin
    • Brightens the skin significantly
    • A natural anti-oxidant
  • Calcium Sulphate (96%)
    • Acts as a curing agent
    • Reacts with water to create heat on the skin
    • Promotes blood circulation

        How to use

        1. After cleansing the face, apply the base cream to the entire face.
        2. Put a base cream on the eye (including the eyebrows) and lay a damp cotton pad on the lips. Cover the entire face in gauze.
        3. Mix 15ml of water with 30g of the powder Stir and apply starting from the cheek, T-zone, to smaller areas of the face.
        4. If the mixture becomes hot and the customer feels discomfort, remove the mask and then continue application.
        5. After about 25 minutes, gently remove the cooled mask.

        Main Ingredients

        Calcium sulphate 96%, Vitamin C Ascorbic acid, Wormwood 3.8% 

        Hard Modeling Pack vs Soft Modeling Pack

        Soft Modeling Packs are masks that can be peeled off in a flimsy layer. Commonly, they are used to purify or add hydration to the skin.

        Also known as Hot Modeling Packs, Hard Modeling Packs form a hardened layer due to its main component being plaster of Paris. (As it grips the skin, it is recommended to use a gauze as a barrier on the skin to prevent direct contact.) As the mask cures, a calcination reaction occurs, locking in heat to allow the skin to absorb nutrients from other products. This heat also promotes skin metabolism and micro-circulation.