Titanium Dioxide - Sun Protection for Even Sensitive Skin

Irritation-free sun protection that actually works!

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Which ingredient protects you from the sun?

which ingredient protects you from the sun
While beta-hydroxy acid helps to deep clean and unclog pores, Titanium Dioxide gives your skin the sun protection it needs to prevent premature signs of aging & sunburns!

What is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)?

It might sound like a harmful metal, but Titanium Dioxide is a natural mineral found in the earth that is commonly used in many skincare products. 

Main Function: 

  • UV Protection

What's so special? - Although its main function is to act as a sun protectant, Titanium Dioxide is one of the few active sun protectants that have little to no irritation on sensitive and easily reddened skin. It can even be used around the eye area as it is known to have no stinging sensation unlike other sun protectants.

EWG Score: 1 - 3


Titanium Dioxide works by forming a barrier over the skin to repel and deter UVA & UVB radiation from direct contact with the skin.

UVA Rays - Penetrates into the deepest layer of skin (the Dermis) and plays a big role in wrinkles and other signs of ageing. UVA contributes greatly to the development of skin cancer and can pass through glass.

UVB Rays - Damages the skin's outer layers (the Epidermis), causing redness and sunburns. UVB cannot significantly pass through glass.

With protection against both UVA & UVB rays, you can rest assured that your skin stays youthful, healthy, and free of sun damage.


If your skin is easily irritated by many sunscreens on the market, try one that uses Titanium Dioxide!

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