ACTIVATE your favourite skincare for firmer & smoother skin!

Introducing our NEWEST Smart Hydro Pure Activator!

Made to enhance your existing skincare, our Smart Hydro Pure Activator is the newest addition to our Smart Hydro Pure Line.

The Smart Hydro Pure Activator combines our Smart Hydro Pure Formula with β-glucan & α-glucan oligosaccharide using patented technologies to strengthen your skin's natural abilities, powerfully moisturise and boost the absorption of your existing skincare products!

Smart Hydro Pure Activator Texture | DERMABELL BASIC

The Smart Hydro Formula

Throughout our Smart Hydro Pure Line, one notable feature would be our "Deep Sea Water", naturally mineral-rich, pollution-free, and ionised using patented EDH (Electrolysed Dissolved Hydrogen) for better absorbency into our skin. 

The Smart Hydro Pure Activator consists of the same ionised deep sea water, enhanced with 2 new powerfully skin-beneficial ingredients.


β(beta)-glucan is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative agent derived from yeast. With the ability to boost immunity, it is widely used in medicines, health supplements, other products and is FDA-approved. It also contains 6 skin-beneficial nutrients, including amino acids which are the building blocks of our body's protein.

As a powerful humectant, β-glucan is able to penetrate into the skin's dermis layer, effectively preventing transepidermal water loss, restoring moisture, promoting collagen synthesis, and enhancing cellular immunity. It thus increases your skin's density, giving you healthier, firmer and smoother skin!

α-glucan Oligosaccharide

α(alpha)-glucan oligosaccharide is a natural probiotic found in natural sugars that encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria on the skin. This beneficial bacteria allows for healthy skin metabolism and maintains the skin's pH balance. 

The beneficial bacteria also feeds on sweat, dead skin and sebum, helping to protect your body against harmful germs and bacteria. 

By restoring moisture on the inner layers and strengthening the skin's natural protection on the surface, and β-glucan and α-glucan oligosaccharide work together to give you youthful and glowing skin from inside out!

Patented Technology

Instead of the traditional use of hot water, solvents and other techniques, we culture the yeast to retain its natural molecular structure. This allows us to use a highly-pure concentration of β-glucan, and skip on the addition of preservatives and synthetic substances!

There's more than one way to use it! Here's 5 ways how!

  1. Dripped into your skincare - Place an appropriate amount of your skincare product of choice on your palm or the back of your hand, and mix in 1-2 drops of the Smart Hydro Pure Activator before application.
  2. Fully Infused - Pour the entire bottle of Smart Hydro Pure Activator into other skincare products of your choice! 
  3. Directly on the skin - After toning, apply 2-3 drops of the Smart Hydro Pure Activator onto the face and gently tap until completely absorbed. Finish off with serum and moisturiser.
  4. DIY Skincare Cocktail - Mix the Smart Hydro Pure Activator with your favourite skincare and store in small containers to create one-of-a-kind products tailored to your skin type and concerns!
  5. Sleeping Mask for Glass-Skin - Apply directly to the skin during the final stage of skincare (after moisturiser). This boosts the nutrient absorption of products applied underneath, and creates an evaporation-proof barrier to prevent moisture loss during sleep!

As usual, all ingredients are EWG-Green!

This means that all ingredients are non-toxic, and have little to no risk of causing irritation even on sensitive skin types!


Try our Smart Hydro Pure Activator for yourself!

Smart Hydro Pure Activator | DERMABELL BASIC

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